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Vowel Icons


Vowel Icons --An Icon Challenge
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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to Vowel_Icons.

I got the idea for this community from icon_alphabet. In this community you do a set of six icons. One theme, two weeks, six icons.

Maintainer: phoenixdragon06 Moderator/Banner Maker: midnight_united and del_kaidin

Follow these steps:

1. Join the community. You can friend the community, if you are just interested in viewing the icons. If you want to take icons from a member, you must the maker first.

2. Submit your claim. Go to this post to view the claims that other members have already taken. If your claim has not already been taken, then comment on that post with the claim you would like to do. You can have up to two claims at one time, but there will be no extensions.

3. Wait for us, midnight_united or del_kaidin, to approve you before posting any icons. You will get exactly 14 days from the day I approve you to post your icons.

4. Now you make your six icons. One icons for each vowel in the alphabet (a,e,i,o,u,y). For example, an "E" icon for a Draco Malfoy claim might be "Evil". You don't have to put the letter or word on the icon, but make sure you specify what the theme is when you post the icon. You have to pick six themes from below to do. One for each icon you make. This makes the challenge harder.

1. At least 50% black and white icon
2. Non 100x100 icon
3. Hush icon (no text at all - not even tiny text)
4. Color icon (mainly one color)
5. Animated icon
6. Dramatic icon (extreme emotions, like hysterically crying or laughing really hard)
7. Weather icon (rain, snow, sunshine, etc.)
8. Lyrical icon (3 consecutive words from any song you want, state what song its from below the icon)
9. Scrolling text (if you don't know how to do this, visit icon_tutorial)
10. Use AIM words (like lol, lmao, jk)
11. Gradient (use a gradient on your icon).
12. Blending (blend at least 2 pictures together on your icon
13. Eyes (emphasize the eyes however you want to, you can change the eye color)
14. Use one picture in your icon, but paste it many different times on to the icon (like use different parts of the person, you could copy their mouth and eyes and stuff like that)
15. Newspaper (make your icon look kind of like a newspaper article)
16. Light texture (use at least one light texture on your icon)
17. Quotes (use a quote from your subject)
18. Tiny Text (only tiny text can be used, no other text)
19. All text must be in a different language
**more to come -- you can reccomend some if you want**
Find Examples here.

5. When you complete your icon set, make sure that you post them all, then post a comment here stating the claim that you have completed. This is a complete list of all the claims completed, and will be added to list. You will also recieve a banner, made by me.

1. You may claim movies, tv shows, characters, bands, actors, actresses, musicians. If you want to claim something else, then just ask, and I might add it to the list.
2. You may claim up to two subjects at one time, but no extensions will be given to people with two claims.
3. Each subject can only have one owner at a time. If you subject is taken, then you must apply on the waiting list, or choose a different subject.
4. When you post your icons, please post them all behind a cut. There is no reason for teasers or anything of that sort, so don't do it. We don't want to spam people's friends page, so you should try to post all your icons in one post.
5. Fake cuts are allowed, but make sure you say it is a fake cut. Make sure your entry isn't friends only, though.
6. If anything is inappropriate on your icons, then specify it outside the cut, so people will know before they click.
7. All icons you post, must be brand new, and made specifically for this community.
8. Make sure each of your icons uses a different theme specified above.
9. Post your icons in the following format:

Subject: Draco Malfoy - All four Harry Potter films
Total Icons Complete: 6 out of 6
Theme for icons: Which themes you used for each icon
Additional notes: Your policy for crediting if you want to allow people to take them. If you write nothing then no one is allowed to take icons, without asking.



Questions, comments, ideas for the community, or want to be affiliates? Comment on a mod post!